Interactive Assembly Assistant

Here, we will present the results from our MCP 2012/2013 class.


We improved the original fabscan 3D-Scanner. The result is our FabScan CUBE.


here you will find the software soon...

Final Presentation

You can find the final presentation on youtube:

The Team

Interactive Assembly is created by the team of 11 students (1 preferred to be anonymous):

TODO: UI improvements

Currently, we are looking for somebody who can work on these issues:
  • introduce borders that clearly separate the left and right subscreens from the central screen, so that it is clearer that these are distinct parts
  • redesign the yellow attention-calling text (Maybe there are more elegant ways to say "Screw!")
  • group information window: give the name of the group in the headline instead of just saying "Details for Group 1"
  • group information window: spatially connect the text to the individual pictures instead of only showing everything in the bottom right part of the window
  • "hand is tracked" icon: it should not look like a button but only like an indicator (maybe also provide more information than just yes/no, e.g. exact position of the hand)
  • do not paint the current part completely in green but find a more elegant way to highlight it (e.g. green border or "make it blink")
  • highlight the current group in the "List of Groups" overview on the left side

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