Student Assistant

Email:   konstantinos.tsoleridis@rwth-aachen.de

Supervisor: Christian Corsten

I am currently working on the Fillables project.

Bachelor Thesis

Supervisor: Florian Heller
Topic: "Designing an energy consumption visualization for an end user home automation display"

My thesis was part of the Counter Entropy project. My role in the project was the design and development of an iPad home automation application. The focus was on the power consumption visualisation.



Florian Heller, Konstantinos Tsoleridis, and Jan Borchers. Counter Entropy: Visualizing Power Consumption in an Energy+ House. In CHI '13: Extended Abstracts of the 2013 ACM annual conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, April 2013. PDF Document BibTeX Entry.


Konstantinos Tsoleridis. Designing an Energy Consumption Visualization for an End user Home Automation Display. Bachelor's thesis, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, August 2012. PDF Document BibTeX Entry.

Past projects

As part of the Fillables Project, I developed the Fillables Framework. The Fillables Framework allows the tracking of position, and the weight measuring of cups. This is realised through three components: the Vicon tracking system, a scale and a laptop with which the two components are connected. Feel free to ask me anything about the framework or its documentation.

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