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The FabScan CUBE is a 3D-Scanner. It is an improved version of the original fabscan 3D-scanner.


The new FabScan Pi works as a standalone device controlled with a web browser. We highly recommend to use this advanced version instead of the original FabScan. Housing, Laser, Arduino and FabScan Shield can be reused, but the additional Raspberry Pi allows a use as a standalone device and the better Raspberry Pi camera aloows a higher resolution. The user interface and scan processing is also far more advanced.

Files for the lasercutter

The files can be cut on any laser cutter. Please load the PLF files into our visicut software.
The designs are for 5mm wood/MDF. You need four sheets of the size 600mm x 300mm.

BOM - Bill of Materials

Arduino Sketch

Upload the latest version of the Arduino sketch to your Arduino UNO:

Assembly Instruction

there is no full assembly manual available yet.
You can have a look at the old manual for the fabscan100, but many details have changed.
There will also be an interactive assembly assistant available soon.


Some renderings of the housing:

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