Vicon Service

If you need a high-precision motion tracking system for your research, then you can borrow our Vicon system for a short period, assuming we are currently not using the system.

What we offer

  • Eight Vicon Bonita Cameras, and all necessary hardware (markers, cables, tripods, switches,...).
  • A MacBook with the necessary software installed.
  • Help with your setup and getting everything started.

What you need to do

  • Contact Chat Wacharamanotham with:
    • a sketch of your required tracking volume (see figure on the right) to schedule a time slot for Vicon usage
    • contact detail for person in charge of the usage and of the invoice (e.g., the secretary of your institute)
  • We will setup a meeting in which you'll visit our institute to see the capability of Vicon and discuss about the setup that is suitable for your purpose.
  • Organize the transport of the Vicon system (e.g. with the RWTH Fahrdienst) to where you need it.
  • Do your motion tracking stuff. We can probably provide you with a HiWi to help you create your setup. Also we provide a detailed Vicon guide here.
  • Return all the gear back to us.


For institute in RWTH, you will be charged for person hours (research assistants and HiWi) needed to arrange your Vicon use. Additionally, you will also be charged for retroreflective markers that are irrecoverable during your usage.

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