Moritz Messerschmidt

Moritz Messerschmidt

Student Assistant



I am currently studying computer science (M. Sc.) at the RWTH Aachen University and working as student assistant for the Media Computing Group (chair i10).
My supervisor is Jan Thar. During my working time I usually can be found in the FabLab (room 2213).



A vest which should "enable vision impaired users to experience their surroundings by vibratory actuation on the belly" (VibroVision Project). I am currently developing the software for our new prototype and haptic toolkit.
Badge Maker (Bachelor Thesis)

My bachelor thesis was about "Developing an Easy-to-use System to Design and Build Illuminated Acrylic Name Tags for Children" which covered the development process of a simple CNC milling machine with a user friendly interface; enabling unexperienced people to gather first experiences with the personal fabrication technology.

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