First FabScan 3D Scanner Masterclass

We are hosting a FabScan 3D Scanner Masterclass in Feb. 2012.

You will build you own 3D-scanner! After the workshop you can take it home and scan any 3D object. FabScan can output STL files for your 3D-printer and point cloud files for game developers.

will be announced soon.

fablab Aachen, Germany

will be announced soon.

Please subscribe to our FabScan google group.

How does it work?
A webcam takes pictures and the software detects the reflected laser beam on a 3D object. The result is a point cloud. Since a turntable rotates the object, we get a 360 degrees 3D-scan. See the fabscan page for more details.

The components: a consumer webcam, a line laser, a turntable, and three LEDs. The turntable and the line laser are moved by cheap stepper motors. Everything is controlled by an Arduino UNO and two pololu stepper drivers (not in the picture).

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