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Download FabScan100.zip for Mac OS

See github for most up-to-date parts :

The FabScan 100 is the cheapest 3D scanner we ever created. Why is it called FabScan 100? Because the parts will cost only 100 EUR!

Compared to the original FabScan, this model has some limitations:
  • manual laser - the laser can be moved by hand. This saves 15 EUR for the stepper motor and 12 EUR for the stepper motor driver.
  • logitech C270 webcam - this camera has a lower resolution but is still perfectly fine! The camera also can/needs to be focused manually. The viewing angle is smaller, hence the maximum size of the objects is a little smaller (It needs to fit into a cone of base 14cm and height 10cm). Compared to the original FabScan, more than 50 EUR can be saved!
  • fewer screws - saves material (and money) and build time!
  • KiCad Design files for a single-sided PCB can be found here: http://sebastian.setz.name/arduino/my-projekts/fabscanmod you can download KiCad for Mac OS X here
  • NEW: The current PCB can be ordered here: http://www.watterott.com/de/Arduino-FabScan-Shield

Component Parts

First you need to get all these parts:

fabscan100 tutorial
HOW TO prepare the logitech webcam
Video on YouTube disassemble and set the focus of the camera:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-gYgBeiOVI (only turn the lens i.e. set focus later when connected to computer)

MAC OS X Application

We only provide binaries for Mac OS X. Feel free to compile your own application for your OS using the source code.
If you want to compile your own version, have a look at our developer documentation.

Arduino Sketch - Firmware

Upload this sketch to your Arduino UNO. This sketch is compatible with Arduino 1.0.
FabScan100 Arduino Sketch

PCB Layout Files

This is a single sided layout. All parts have to be soldered on the BOTTOM layer.
FabScan100 Eagle 6.x layout and schematics
FabScann100 gerber files - optimized for Protomat S62
FabScan100 layout BOTTOM - not mirrored!

Lasercutter Files

Box Back and Middle [.cdr] [.svg]
Box Bottom[.cdr] [.svg]
Box Left[.cdr] [.svg]
Box Right[.cdr] [.svg]
Box Top Slope Front[.cdr] [.svg]
Holders Laser Turntable Camera[.cdr] [.svg]

BOM - parts needed

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