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Projects in the Fab Lab

Every week, many regular makers from our university lab, but also many Fab Lab visitors, use the 3D printers, lasercutter, PCB mill, Arduino boards, soldering workstations and everything else our Fab Lab has to offer, to create their own cool projects. Check out what's currently being made in the Fab Lab:

Our ongoing photo stream

Our previous photo streams #1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 and #6

Our Fab Lab Aachen Project Blog

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FabLab Kids

As a public workshop the Fab Lab Aachen offers access to children and young persons to give them the possibility to try out their technical skills. Therefore, the Fab Lab is actively involved in various projects concerning the development of interest of young people and especially girls in informatics and other technical professions.

To the FabLab Kids website (in German)

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