Hendrik Wolf

Hendrik Wolf

Bachelor Thesis Student


I am doing my bachelor's thesis at i10. My supervisor is Jan-Peter Krämer.

Full text: Detail Visualization for Live Coding


Programming without receiving a feedback on the internal runtime state of a program demands much from the cognition of the programmer. He has to take over the role of the computer and simulate the program flow continuously in his head. In contrast, live coding uses the capability of the computer for that continuous simulation. The computer executes the program in the background and displays the result after each applied change.

Several existing live coding tools explore detail visualizations with different levels of abstraction and possible user interaction. These tools show the benefit of further extensions. One extension is the capability to regulate the amount of shown information or filter out interesting parts. Furthermore, a majority of prototypes does not yet offer the possibility to choose between different representations. This possibility is essential since there is no visualization which is appropriate for each situation.

This thesis presents a live coding prototype in JavaScript as well as diverse detail visualizations. The prototype enables the programmer to switch between different representations to find the most appropriate one. In case there exists no appropriate visualization, our prototype offers the possibility to enhance it further by adding new visualizations to the existing set.

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