Welcome to our group! biggrin Here are some useful tips for you to get started at our chair if you just joined us as a HiWi, Diploma, Master, or Bachelor thesis student. Most of this applies to you as a new PhD student as well - since you won't have an advising PhD student then, talk to our postdoc Simon Voelker if something isn't clear.

Who to talk to

  • The first person to talk to if you have any questions is always the PhD Student ("Assistant") that you work with.
  • Clarissa can help you with contract issues and reimbursements for small orders. Please talk to her before you spend any money that you plan to get back from our chair.
  • Our i10 Help Desk, headed by Christian Cherek, will help you with any technical questions your PhD student can't solve. Just create a ticket by sending an email to for fastest response. It also has an extensive FAQ of common issues to answer your question directly. Please don't email/call/visit Christian Cherek or the other helpdesk folks if you can put your problem in a ticket instead.
  • Should you ever encounter any problems or questions that you cannot resolve with your advising PhD student, Clarissa, and the Help Desk, contact Jan directly. Email him the facts and problems, and talk to him in person to discuss the issue. Don't wait until you have lost months of your time because of something - we're here to help.

What to do to get started

First Day

Start by visiting Clarissa or Katja to get your Welcome Checklist. You and your supervising PhD student ("Assistent") will fill it out step by step to help you keep an overview of the things you need to do to get started today!
  1. Take your Welcome Checklist to your supervisor. He will let you know what kind of key and/or after-hours attendance permission (to be in the building after regular working hours) you need, and if you need to get Fab Lab training.
  2. Get an i10 account from the admin team by having your advisor send an email to i10 Help Desk with the following information:
    • Your first and last name
    • Your email address (we expect you to check this address daily - use your RWTH address if you have one)
    • Your position (Hiwi, WiHi, BSc/MSc/Diploma Thesis Student, other: please specify)
    • Your advising PhD student
    • Your cell phone number
  3. Put yourself on the media mailing list and the hci mailing list - both are essential for the group's communication. Use the same RWTH address you used for the i10 account to register.
  4. Sign up as an Apple Developer at the Apple Developer Connection.
  5. Create your own home page in our wiki following our guide. At least include your first and last name, your supervisor, your project, and a photo so we all know what you look like!
  6. Add your contact information to our phone/IM list.
  7. Inform Christian to put you on the Kitchen Master list.
  8. If your supervisor told you to get Fab Lab training, inform Jan (Thar) to get a training appointment (the Fab Lab Master list for cleaning the fablab is at the moment out of order, so no need to register for it).
  9. Write a welcome email to and introduce yourself to our group. Tell us a bit about yourself, who you are going to work with and on what project.
  10. Return to Clarissa or Zornitsa with your completed Welcome Checklist and a deposit of 52 EUR (the cost if you lose your key or break it) to get your key.

Congratulations, you're all set up to get started at our group! Continue with these next steps to learn more about how to get stuff done.

Next Steps

Regular Events @ i10

  • Thursday 13:00 Club i10: weekly group meeting where you can catch other student's kickoff and final talks, trip reports (e.g., from CHI), and conference practice talks from our PhD students, where you can meet interesting guests visiting our chair, and where we discuss plans and projects in general. Everybody, whether Hiwi or thesis student, is expected to attend.

Additional Stuff

  • Check out our custom i10 software utilities to quickly check today's Mensa menu, type umlauts on a U.S. keyboard, etc.
  • Read Jan's file READ ME FIRST.rtf on our file server, oliver, and follow the guidelines there for naming conventions and folder structures when you put stuff on oliver
  • Get a T-Shirt
  • Please use the official logo and templates, located under oliver/Public/Public Relations, for all i10 presentations or posters
  • If you find any broken or missing equipment (hardware and software), please email the i10 Help Desk with a brief description of the defect. We will try to fix it as soon as possible.
  • Coffee and soft drinks are charged using the kitchen iPad on the drinks fridge. If you'd like to join us in ordering fresh smoothies each week, put your name and order on this list.
  • And when it's time to leave our chair, please check our Bye page for helpful information what to do.

Emergency Information

Please remember these simple but possibly life-saving facts:
  • Clarissa is a trained first-aid helper - if you find someone who, say, went into shock after waking a Mac from sleep to find Windows running on it, and you don't know what to do, get to her.
  • First-aid boxes are located in the kitchen and in the Fab Lab
  • For heart attacks, a new defibrillator is downstairs in the main foyer near the Hausmeister's office. He also knows how to use it, but it's designed to be usable by anybody (it checks ECG heart activity automatically before applying shock).
Apart from that, have fun, and remember the Secret Motto:
And We Get Paid For This!
- Jan

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