Vicon staff training

Try the following task to ensure that you have trained yourself to use i10 Vicon system.

Theory: Inventory and software

Locate these items:
Where are the 8 cameras?
Where is the box containing markers?
Where are two external POE switches?
Where is the black box containing miscelleneous Vicon equipments?
Where are two Vicon Nexus dongles and one USB containing Vicon Nexus software?
Where, on oliver, are Vicon software located (e.g., Vicon Nexus)?
Where, on oliver, are i10 Vicon software (e.g., Marty's Vicon Nexus framework, virtual machine disk image to run Vicon Nexus elsewhere)?
Where, on the wiki, are the contact information of Prophysics?

Practice: Setup a tracking system


You want to track the movement of upper arm, elbow, and lower arm towards a screen for pointing. The user will stand still in a designated spot, and the system tracks the positions of all aforementioned parts. The system must distinguish when the user point to the screen with the palm face the sky vs. face the ground.

Step 1: Camera and markers setup

Design markers and tracking volume:
What's the tracking volume?
What're the motion to be tracked?
How to place markers on the user's body?
How to place the cameras?

Camera tuning and calibration
For each camera, do the camera sees markers adequately in 2D? (adjust focus, zooming, and exposure)
Could you get the calibration error to be adequately low?

Step 2: Bodies and joints definition

How to create your own database in Vicon Nexus?
How to make Vicon Nexus know your markers and objects?

Step 3: Offline reconstruction

How to setup a pipeline to capture the data and reconstruct the movements offline?
How to plot the movements of the body in Vicon Nexus?

Step 4: Online streaming

How to setup hardware (network connection) that allows streaming data from Vicon Nexus to another machine?
How to use i10 Vicon Nexus framework to receive data and visualize (e.g., using SceneKit)?

Step 5: Taking away your data and Vicon Nexus

How to run Vicon Nexus in a Virtual Machine without using dongle?

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