What is StatLets?

StatLets is a flow-based programming environment for statistical analysis built on top of R. StatLets has two parts: 1) An interactive canvas, where the user can place StatLets (modularised functional code blocks) and specify the data flow among them, 2) The underlying code for each StatLet, shown collocated with the StatLet. We hypothesise that such a tool improves the user's understanding of the statistical analysis process, improves code navigation, and solves several issues inherent with the R programming environment.

The Team

StatLets is a Bachelor's thesis by Michael Ellers. It is supervised by Krishna Subramanian, M.Sc., Prof. Jan Borchers, and Prof. Chat Wacharamanotham. It is funded in part by the German B-IT foundation. Johannes Maas is currently working on StatLets 2.0.



Michael Richard Ellers. Statlets: Improving Statistical Analysis with R. Bachelor's thesis, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, March 2017. PDF Document BibTeX Entry.

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