Pascal Zenker

Pascal Zenker

Bachelor Thesis Student

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With the ongoing development of both augmented and virtual reality, new important
paths open up for the use of computer aided manufacturing. Microsoft's new mixed
reality device, the HoloLens, bridges the gap between reality and media by injecting
holograms into the user's eld of view. This new way of showcasing digital data
allows developers to think whole new elds to develop for. In this thesis the use
case of working with a Hololens in productional engineering will be examined and
the controlling of the HoloLens improved. This work will describe and introduce a
framework which enables users to transfer data or 3D models via an interface from
any computer architecture to the HoloLens in context of a CNC machine simulation.
Machine models can be picked on a remote computer and be loaded into the Hololens
as hologram. Through the framework they can be simulated and the machine work
observed before the actual process starts. This paper especially concentrates on
the requirements for hard and software for a project of this kind. Furthermore,
the connectivity from a remote computer to the HoloLens is discussed. Lastly, the
visualization system for CNC machine simulations, explicitly the kinematic chain
inside a holographic environment, is discussed. The goal is to develop a framework,
which can be extended and transferred easily to other similar areas.


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