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This State of the Art device allows tracking of inbound packages to your harbour authority. Before you
start tracking the packages, please check if the device is powered sufficiently. If the device receives
sufficient power, the lamps will start to glow.


After the short boot sequence the device is ready to use. The device will check all packages in stock
if they were transported between two Ports equipped with our device. Given a Transport Manifest or
other source of information you can check the path a package took and if it was processed in a port.
To start this process please pick one of the provided cables and plug it in the jack associated with
the start port of the package. Using your provided information please select the next stop of the
package. To check if a package is in stock did travel the route, please press the button on the frame
of the device. If a package, which traveled the route, is in stock, the package code will be displayed
on top of the device. Please note that on older or less well maintained devices, the whole code will
only be shown if the complete path of the package is logged on the map. To proceed in logging the
path, please check your provided information. Pick another of the provided cable and connect the
previous destination port with the next stop of the package. Proceed by pressing the again. Continue
this pattern until you reach your current port. The full package code should then be displayed.

Operator Notice:

Given the construction of the device an Operator needs to remember a few things. Firstly the device
will not account for packages, which did not yet arrive in your current port or were lost on route to
your current port. When selecting a possible package to track, please check if it did arrive in your
port. Secondly, nonsensical request will put a strain on the device and on to our infrastructure, thus
the device will lock itself after a number of wrong inputs. Please think first before requesting
information from the device. Package numbers are a great tool to track the full path of a package
and to preselect a packages to request information on.

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