Lab: Multimodal Media Madness (M3) Personal Fabrication


This years topic is about Personal Fabrication. Buiding your own hardware projects with the help of computer controlled tools.

Final Projects

For the final projects the students could choose to do crazy stuff with electronic and hardware tools. As a result they produced:

Some awesome one-week-assigments


Wednesday, 16:00-19:00, room 2222, Ahornstr. 55 (time might change a bit due to scheduling conflicts)
Start: 13.4.2016., might be delayed to 20.4.2016


You will learn:
  • How to use the laser cutter with VisiCut.
  • How to use Arduino (Atmega & Co.), Energia (MSP430 & Co.) and Processing (Visualisation) for controlling hardware
  • How to use the pcb mill and Eagle to design and make your own circuit tools
  • How to use our 3D printer - mostly our Dremel Idea Builder

After getting used to the tools you will know how to create your own hardware projects.

You will then create an awesome final project. At the moment we tend to give you the task of creating modules for a modular pinball machine, but that might change if we - or you - have an even awesomer idea for a final project.
(It will at least either use the above mentioned tools or will make life easier for the user of these tools (as a kind of more software centric project)).

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