The Exhibit

Discover the Charlemagne Prize, its recipients, and the reasons for the award in a new way at four interactive pillars.
One interactive pillar on the first floor in the stairwell will answer frequently asked questions about the Charlemagne Prize. On the next landing you will find two other pillars, where you can find out more about the Charle- magne Prize laureates. You can tap on one of the 50 portraits to see his biography or excerpts from his speech or eulogy. Particularly interesting is the cloud of words above the portrait. It shows words that appeared frequently in the speech automatically excluding conjunctions like "and". This highlights hot topics of a specific speech, e.g., "Russia" and allows for interesting comparisons among laureates and their tag clouds.

The hardware configuration is pretty standard. MacBook Pro and a 32" touchscreen display. The software, however, is based on QTJambi using OpenGL for the rendering of the portraits, the videos, and transitions. Most interesting are the tag clouds. They are histograms of the words appearing in a given speech. The are layouted using a randomised approach. Starting from a center textblock, other textblocks are randomly attached to its borders while preventing overlaps. This makes them look compact, but not boring.

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