In the course iPhone Application Programming, students learn to develop and deploy iPod and iPhone applications.


WS 2009/2010

Regular appointments (starting Oct. 26th):
LectureMon15:00-16:30Room 2010
LabMon16:30-18:00Room 2U13
Lab (optional)Tue13:00-13:45Room 2U13

Exams & Presentations:
Mid-term ExamNovember 30th 200915:00 - 17:00Room 2010Topics 1 - 5
Final Project PresentationsFebruary 1st, 201015:00 - 18:00Room 2010
Final ExamFebruary 8th 201010:00 - 12:00Room 2010All topics

Final Projects:
  • iL2Phone: A mobile client for the L2P System
  • iUConnect: A location based social interaction app.
  • iMensa: Check todays menu with recommenda
  • Flashcards: Learn for your exams alone or in multi-player mode.
  • uDay: Schedule your lectures, find your way to the lecture halls.
  • Hörsäle: Gives a survey of the RWTH lecture halls
For detailed information see the final projects WS09 wiki page.



ECTS Credits: 3 for the lecture, 6 for the lecture and the lab


  1. Introduction to iPhone Development
  2. Interface Builder
  3. View Controllers
  4. Storing Data
  5. Performance Tweaking and Debugging
  6. Touch and other Input
  7. Drawing
  8. Audio and Video
  9. Networking and Web
  10. iPhone Application Frameworks
  11. Review (not on iTunes U)



If you participate only in the lecture, you must pass both exams to receive credit for the course. To be granted extra credit for the lab, you must attend all labs, score at least 8 points on the assignments, and finish present your final project.

We do not accept any late submissions of assignments. Failed assignments can be made up by passing an oral exam about the topic.

Your grade will be determined by the final exam only. The final exam consists of 45 points: 30 in multiple-choice questions and 15 in text questions. The grading scale is:

Points (Final Exam):41393735333129272523
Points (Final Exam 2):57545148454239363330



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