Elaine M. Huang Ph.D.

Elaine M. Huang Ph.D.

Visiting Researcher

Office location:   Room 2314
Office hours:   By appointment
Telephone:   +
Email:   huang@cs.rwth-aachen.de

Elaine is an Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow from the USA conducting qualitative studies on the actual uses, value, and impact of large displays in public spaces with the Media Computing Group. Additionally she studies how and why people dispose of devices and what can be done to lengthen their lifetime to encourage sustainable practices and technologies. She is currently on research leave from her permanent position as a Senior Staff Research Scientist in the Social Media Research Lab at Motorola Labs in Chicago, where her research focuses on human practices for maintaining communication and connectedness in existing social relationships. Elaine earned her Ph.D. in May 2006 under the advisement of Dr. Elizabeth D. Mynatt in the Everyday Computing Lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology; her dissertation research centered on factors affecting the design, deployment, and adoption of large displays and multi-display environments for workgroup collaboration and communication.

Read more about her and her work at elainehuang.com

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