Dipl.-Inform. Dieter Drobny

Dipl.-Inform. Dieter Drobny

Postgraduate Research Assistant

Office location:   Milton's office (2309)
Email:   dieter.drobny@post.rwth-aachen.de

Project involvements

Lecture recording

I organized the lecture video recordings: setup, editing guidelines, backup and exporting, uploading and linking, quality assurance.
our current workflow can be found here (internal access only).

Tangible Windows

I supported Jonathan's and Chat's research project with user tests and video.


  • Video Recording and Editing (Final Cut Pro - Certified Pro Level One)
  • Physical prototyping and soldering (Arduinos)
  • Vicon Motion Tracking System

Diploma thesis:

Saltate! A Sensor Based System to Support Dance Beginners

For my diploma thesis I built a system that detects a dancing couple's steps and compares
their timings to those of the beats within the music. This work included hardware and software.

If Saltate! detects problems or errors it emphasizes the music's beats using extra sound samples.
The thesis' version of the program supports Slow Waltz.

Saltate project page

I wrote a project diary and attached it to this page.
If you're interested in things that can happen during
a diploma thesis, you can take a look.

Former work:


Leonhard, Alexander, and myself developed the BlowIt computer game,
in which two players cooperatively try to get a parachutist to land an a small island.
In this game, control is exercised by blowing into small wind wheels.


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Dieter Drobny. Saltate! - A Sensor Based System to Support Dance Beginners. Master's thesis, RWTH Aachen University, December 2008. PDF Document BibTeX Entry.

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