Videos: Designing Interactive Systems I WS 17/18

  1. Introduction to HCI, CMN Model, and Fitts' Law
  2. Gestalt Laws, Information Content, Visibility, Affordances, Signifiers, and Conceptual Model
  3. Mappings, Constraints, and the Seven Stages of Action
  4. Levels of Processing, Knowledge in the Head and in the World, and Errors
  5. History I - From Abacus till Macintosh
  6. History II – Visions, Ubicomp, Technology phases
  7. DIA Cycle, Observing Users, Brainstorming, and Storyboards
  8. Prototyping
  9. Evaluation
  10. GOMS, Interface Efficiency, and the Ten Golden Rules of Interface Design
  11. Responsiveness and Performance, Grammars, and State Transition Networks
  12. Petri Nets
  13. Visual Design

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