Anke Brocker

Anke Brocker

Research Assistant

Office location:   Room 2209
Office hours:   08:30 - 17:30. See my basic schedule.
Telephone:   +49 241 80 21070

I'm a research assistant at the Media Computing Group.

Master's Thesis

Supervisor: Christian Cherek

My Master's Thesis: Tangible Awareness - How Tangibles on Tabletops Influence Spatial and Situational Awareness

Bachelor's Thesis

Supervisor: Christian Corsten

My Bachelor's Thesis: Repurposing Everyday Objects as Controllers Using Signifiers


Fab:UNIverse Zukunftsvisionen der Maker Bewegung
Workshop organized by the VINN:Lab at TH Wildau about the future of Fab Labs with a university context.
Discussed topics:
  • What is the difference from Fab Labs with a university context to general makerspaces
  • Which chances are provided by the university context and how can we learn from each other
  • Which purpose/function do we have in the maker movement and how can the movement evolve

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