Dikablis Eye-Tracker and D-Lab Software

This page provides details about the Dikablis eye-tracker and the D-Lab software to run experiments.

The eye-tracker is in the cupboard in Phils office.
If you need help to set up the hardware, see Philipp Wacker or Simon Völker to get instructions.
Basic aspects about the software are demonstrated in the following file: Dikablis&D-Lab Demonstration.pdf

Further information are in the manual (D-Lab 3.0 Manual.pdf)

Connection to Vicon Nexus:
Only works with Vicon Nexus 2.5 +
follow the guide Guide_D-Lab_ViconNexus.pdf

When Vicon Nexus does not get any data from the eyetracker change the value regarding "IsLoggingEnabled" in line 32 from False to True. Now three log files will be created. "log-mocap-in.txt" will show the data which is coming from D-Lab. "log-mocap-out.txt" will show the data which is sent towards Vicon Nexus. "log-mocap-evt.txt" will show connection events.

If "log-mocap-in.txt" is empty but "log-mocap-evt.txt" recorded a connection, after you tried the connection and closed the mocap tool, first check if the laptops can ping eachother (if not disable the firewall). If the problem still persists try creating a new relay.

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