Run&Tap: Investigation of On-Body Tapping for Runners


Devices like smartphones, smartwatches, and fitness track- ers enable runners to control music, query fitness parameters such as heart rate and speed, or be guided by coaching apps. But while these devices are portable, interacting with them during running is difficult: they usually have small buttons or touchscreens which force the user to slow down to interact with them properly. On-body tapping is an interaction tech- nique that allows users to trigger actions by tapping at dif- ferent body locations eyes-free. This paper investigates on- body tapping as a potential input technique for runners.We conducted a user study to evaluate where and how accurately runners can tap on their body. We motion-captured partici- pants while tapping locations on their body and running on a treadmill at different speeds. Results show that a uniform layout of five targets per arm and two targets on the abdomen achieved 96% accuracy rate. We present a set of design impli- cations to inform the design of on-body interfaces for runners.


Nur Al-huda Hamdan, Ravi Kanth Kosuru, Christian Corsten, Jan Borchers



Nur Al huda Hamdan, Ravi Kanth Kosuru, Christian Corsten, and Jan Borchers. Run&Tap: Investigation of On-Body Tapping for Runners. In ISS '17: Proceedings of the 2017 ISS Conference on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces, New York, NY, USA, Oct 2017. ACM. PDF Document BibTeX Entry.

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