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Our inspiration was a discipline of the SNES game Tiny Toon Adventures - Wild&Wacky Sports: The "Obstacle Course".

The main idea is to jump'n'run (of course) and collect some kind of items. In the original game there was a special item for every character that would give you bonus points. You had to reach a specific score before getting to the goal line to pass the discipline. Naturally, your opponents (bots) tried the same. Regarding our game, we decided to put only one character (or two at the multiplayer mode) on the screen at one time. Furthermore, we were convinced that it would be nice to play until your character is "dead" (like in "Temple Run" or "Subway Surfers") so we decided to make an "infinite" world where obstacles and items would appear randomly.

Git Repository

Find the source code here:


There will not be enemies in the classical meaning. Instead, there are obstacles. In the first versions that would be holes, in the final version there will be tree stumps and, possibly, lakes or rivers (or, in general: water).


Player 1:
W - walk up, menu navigation
A - walk left
S - walk down, menu navigation
D - walk right

Player 2:
I - walk up, menu navigation
J - walk left
K - walk down, menu navigation
L - walk right

Both players:
Start button - confirm menu selection, pause game
Button 1 - jump

Sound & Music

We decided to keep the sounds as simple as possible. If possible, we will use 8Bit/16Bit sounds.

We have in mind to integrate background music while playing the game and additionally, put sounds on jumps, collecting items and "dying".

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