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    To-Do List Date Initials
1 Ask your supervisor what kind of key permission you need and whether you will need a pass to be allowed to be in the building an/or in the FabLab beyond general working hours:
Key permission:
▢ Normal
▢ Normal + FabLab
Working hours:
▢ Normal
▢ Extra
2 Get an i10 account from the admin team by having your advisor send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information:
Your first and last name
Your email address (we expect you to check this address daily - use your RWTH address if you have one)
Your position (Hiwi, WiHi, BSc/MSc/Diploma Thesis Student, other: please specify)
Your advising PhD student
3 Get a Slack account by having your advisor invite you as a member.   Supervisor
4 Put yourself on the media mailing list and the hci mailing list - both are essential for the group's communication. Use the same RWTH address you used for the i10 account to register.   Supervisor
5 (Optional) Sign up as an Apple Developer at the Apple Developer Connection.   Supervisor
6 Create your own home page in our wiki following our guide. At least include your first and last name, your supervisor, your project, and a photo so we all know what you look like!   Supervisor
7 Add your contact information to our phone/IM list.   Supervisor
8 Ask Krishna on Slack to put you on the Kitchen Master list.   Supervisor
9 (Optional) If your supervisor told you to get Fab Lab training, inform Marcel to get a training appointment (the Fab Lab Master list for cleaning the fablab is at the moment out of order, so no need to register for it).   Supervisor
10 Write a welcome message in the #general channel in Slack and introduce yourself to our group. Tell us a bit about yourself, who you are going to work with and on what project.   Supervisor
11 Return to Clarissa or Zornitsa with your completed Welcome Checklist and a deposit of 52 EUR (the cost if you lose your key or break it) to get your key.   Clarissa/Zornitsa/Katja

You can find more information on our welcome page

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