iStuff: A Scalable Architecture for Lightweight, Wireless Devices for Ubicomp User Interfaces

Meredith Ringel, Joshua Tyler, Maureen Stone, Rafael Ballagas, and Jan Borchers
Computer Science Department
Stanford University
353 Serra Mall
Stanford, CA 94305
{merrie, jtyler},,{ballagas, borchers}


We describe iStuff ("interactive stuff"), an architecture for a toolkit of lightweight, wireless, platform-independent, physical user interface components. We present examples of several iStuff devices we have developed, and discuss the software infrastructure that supports them and allows for easy configurability and extensibility.

KEYWORDS: User interface, tangible interface, physical interface, tuple space, interactive workspaces, wireless devices.

This is the abstract of a submission to Ubicomp 2002 (Göteborg, Sweden, September 29–October 1, 2002). Please see the iStuff web site for more information.

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