We proudly present our project, which has been created in class for the Softwarepraktikum "Multimodal Media Madness" powered by The Media Computing Group at RWTH Aachen University.

This project has been created by:

  • Hao Wu
  • Andreas Hahne
  • Stefan Gottschalk
  • Christian Baart

Our idea was to create a program with the ability to recognize notes and visualize them on the computer screen in a fancy form (not the like notes usually seen on music sheets or so). The notes are captures from the audio in of the PC and then are shown as coloured circles on the screen. The diameter of the circles depends on the velocity of the notes; the y-position depends on the pitch and the colour is computed out of both.

Accomplished tasks for our project:

  • getting the audio input as raw data
  • inding out the frequency of the played tones to recognize the notes
  • therefore using Fast-Fourier-Transformation to get the spectrum of the audio input
  • programming the OpenGL graphical user interface
  • using C++ and Objective C-Code in one project was necessary to combine the OpenGL interface and audio recognition part of the program

Specific problems / challenges:

  • understanding FFT and how to reconstruct the values we needed to know
  • putting together the C++ and Objective-C-Code fragments

Possibilities for future work:

It would be an interesting aspect to expand the program to recognize notes out of polyphonic audio and maybe implement more graphical features to make the program more spectacular.


Link / Download section: