Mohammad Amin Yazdi

Mohammad Amin Yazdi

Master thesis student



In my master thesis I have worked on “Collaboration Visualization in Large organizations”, with supervision of Leonhard Lichtschlag from media computing group and Dr.André Calero Valdez from Human computer interaction center (HCIC).

In my Thesis I have created a visualization using User Centered Design and User experience, for about 250 researchers in Cluster of excellence at RWTH-Aachen university. This tool is able to inform researchers about valid collaboration opportunities in interdisciplinary workflow while at the same time effectively conveying organizational information.

This project was sponsored by DFG

Skills & Competencies

  • C, Javascript, JSP, HTML, CSS
  • Agile project management - SCRUM
  • Strong understanding of UX and good Interface design
  • Experienced with iterative design process such as User Centered Design and Participatory design.
  • Good in testing functionality and usability of projects.
  • Basic understanding of statistical data analysis.

More Information

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