Sven Jung

Sven Jung

Bachelor Thesis Student

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Bachelor Thesis

Supervisor: Chat Wacharamanotham

Full text: Leap Blender: A Software Testbed for Bare Hand Input in 3D Graphics Editing

Project directory: oliver/Public/Research Projects/3DTestbed/


New bare-hand input devices have been invented to simplify the input for the user, especially in 3D manipulation tasks. These devices use free hand gestures as input. Many research questions about the behavior of the user using this new kind of input device are open. In this thesis the software testbed ”Leap Blender: A Software Testbed for Bare Hand Input in 3D Graphics Editing” is presented. It is a platform to manipulate objects in Blender with the Leap Motion Controller, which can be customized and extended. With this program tasks for user studies investigating bare-hand input can be created easily. No longer a new system for each research question and task has to be developed expensively, like it was done before.
In the end, a study which makes use of this testbed is presented to show how it can be customized. The study investigates the natural behavior of the user using a touchscreen and the bare-hand input device Leap Motion Controller to perform 2D and 3D tasks.

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