Anke Brocker

Anke Brocker

Research Assistant

Office location:   Room 2209
Office hours:   08:30 - 17:30. See my basic schedule.
Telephone:   +49 241 80 21070

I'm a research assistant at the Media Computing Group.

Research Projects

Tangible Awareness: How Tangibles on Tabletops Influence Awareness of Each Other’s Actions: Players are significantly more aware of other players’ actions using tangibles than those using pure multitouch interaction. (read more)

Paper at CHI 2018

Fab Academy 2018 Graduate

The Fab Academy is a fast paced, hands-on learning experience where students execute a new assignment each week in the context of fabrication techniques like laser cutting, hardware production etc. Each student documents their progress for each project on a personal website. (FabAcademy Page)

Master's Thesis

Supervisor: Christian Cherek

My Master's Thesis: Tangible Awareness - How Tangibles on Tabletops Influence Spatial and Situational Awareness

Bachelor's Thesis

Supervisor: Christian Corsten

My Bachelor's Thesis: Repurposing Everyday Objects as Controllers Using Signifiers


Fab:UNIverse Zukunftsvisionen der Maker Bewegung
Workshop organized by the VINN:Lab at TH Wildau about the future of Fab Labs with a university context.
Discussed topics:
  • What is the difference from Fab Labs with a university context to general makerspaces
  • Which chances are provided by the university context and how can we learn from each other
  • Which purpose/function do we have in the maker movement and how can the movement evolve


SS 2017 Multimodal Media Madness Project
Lab TA


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