Our presentations at CHI 2012

Understanding Flicking on Curved Surfaces (Paper) Fly: Studying Recall, Macrostructure Understanding, and User Experience of Canvas Presentations (Paper) HoloDesk: Direct 3D Interactions with a Situated See-Through Display (Paper) Diskplay (Note / Interactivity)
by Völker et al. by Lichtschlag et al. by Hilliges et al. by Heller et al.

DragLocks: Handling Temporal Ambiguities in Direct Manipulation Video Navigation (Note) Evaluating the Benefits of Real-time Feedback in Mobile Augmented Reality with Hand-held Devices (Note) Canvas Presentations in the Wild (Case Study) Blaze: Supporting Two-phased Call Graph Navigation in Source Code (Work in Progress)
by Karrer et al. by Liu et al. by Lichtschlag et al. by Krämer et al.

Text Entry on Interactive Tabletops Using Transparent Physical Keyboards (Workshop Paper) Direct Manipulation and the Third Dimension: A Design Space for Co-Planar Dragging on 3D Displays (Workshop Paper)
by Weiss et al. by Möllers et al.

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