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Audio / Video Equipment

eBeam Interactive Whiteboard


  • Main Out: speakers (only laptop sound)
  • Control Room: camera (all input channels)
  • Channel 1: Microphone 1 (mixed left)
  • Channel 2: Microphone 2 (mixed left)
  • Channel 3: Room microphone (mixed right)
  • Channel 6: Laptop


Please keep in mind the following guidelines:
  • Everything more than a 9 o'clock setting on our mixer is probably too loud!
  • When connecting a new audio source, first set the volume on the mixer to the minimum, start playback and then increase the volume slowly.
  • Before disconnecting audio cables from the speakers turn them off by unplugging the power cord. The power cord uses PowerCon connectors which have to be unlocked and turned to to pull them out. If you need to apply force you're doing it wrong!
  • Do not change the configuration behind the plexiglass plate at the back of the speakers. Especially do NEVER use them with filters turned off.


  • The projected is secured via alarm - to remove it inform security office (112) before that alarm will be triggered.
  • Native resolution: 1024x768 (XGA)
  • Input: VGA, DVI, S-Video

Lecture checklist

  • Lecture Notebook
    • Newest Versions of
      • Capture
      • iShowU
      • OmniOutliner
      • XCode
      • Keynote
      • Arduino
      • Powerpoint
  • Is there a network cable installed?
  • Does the sound system work properly?
    • Both microphones working?
    • Lecture notebook sound output ok?
  • Lecture Recording
    • Camera Tripod
    • Is there a cable to connect the video camera to the sound system?
  • Does the projector remote need new batteries?
  • Is there an Apple Remote?
    • Is it paired and working (check with Keynote)?
  • Whiteboard
    • Is the eBeam wiper there?
    • Whiteboard cleaner empty?
    • Test eBeam calibration
    • Test eBeam on-board button for new page and printing
    • Test all pens, throw away and replace dry ones
      • Are there at least two eBeam (!) pens with different colors?
  • Room
    • Are the tables and chairs placed correctly?
    • Clean up the room (no old papers, trash, etc.)
    • Clean up table, window sill, floor
    • Remove all unnecessary electronics

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